Dodge Journey Cheap Car Insurance Cost
Dodge Journey Cheap car insurance cost According to our study, a new 2020 Dodge Journey insurance policy will cost around $1,758 per year - well below the national average for popular SUVs. We used these assumptions to determine a base rate for Dodge Journey insurance: A 40-year-old male driver with good credit, full coverage, and a single-car policy for a brand-new vehicle. We didn't consider multi-car discounts, but they could have a huge impact on your rates. The age and experience of the driver are the biggest factors that affect auto insurance cost. If you are young and inexperienced, your premiums will be higher than the average for a seasoned driver. If you're 16 years old, your average Dodge Journey insurance policy will cost you about $5074. Younger drivers are more likely to get speeding tickets and accidents, which can increase the overall cost of auto insurance. Fortunately, the costs tend to stabilize after the age of thirty and forty, when a driver's age begins to decline and risk a higher risk for accidents. A 40-year-old male driver's average rate is $1384 per year. Regardless of the model you choose, the Dodge Journey is a reasonably priced vehicle. The Crossroad model has a spacious interior and ample storage space. While the top trim levels offer a little more luxury, they are also much more expensive than a base SE model. The base SE model is still a very viable option and will save you money on insurance. There are several online car insurance comparison sites that offer comparisons on Dodge Journey car insurance. The cost of a Dodge Journey insurance policy will vary by age. For a sixteen-year-old male driver, the annual cost is around $890. By contrast, a 40-year-old male driver's insurance coverage will run about $1,830. Of course, rates are higher for those who are over sixty-five years old. And don't forget to factor in the risk of an older driver getting involved in an accident. The average Dodge Journey car insurance rate is $1,384 per year, but these rates can be significantly lower if you make a few adjustments. While a young driver's car insurance premium will be slightly higher than that of an adult, a middle-aged driver's car insurance rate may be lower. Moreover, the teen's age will affect the amount of money paid for a full coverage policy. By making some adjustments, you'll be able to get the best possible car insurance cost and avoid paying too much. If you're a young male driver, the average cost of a Dodge Journey insurance policy will be much higher than that of a middle-aged male. Teenagers are more likely to get into accidents and speeding tickets, and the cost of a policy will be higher than that. However, if you're a young, healthy driver, you might find the lowest average cost of a policy. Compared to the average car insurance rate, the Dodge Journey is much cheaper to insure than an average-priced vehicle. Its insurance premiums are $135 a month, and the teen is only required to carry liability coverage. This is a good deal for a vehicle that will cost you about $422 a month. If you're looking for cheap Dodge Journey car insurance, start your search online today. There are several websites offering a variety of quotes. Among Dodge vehicles, the Journey is one of the most popular. It's both luxurious and affordable, but its price can also be expensive to insure. If you're a young driver, you may be able to find a cheaper Dodge Journey insurance policy by raising your deductible. A full coverage car insurance policy for a 16-year-old driver will cost you around $5288 a year. The age of the driver is another factor in your Dodge Journey insurance cost. For example, a 16-year-old male driver may need to pay $5288 per year to insure his/her vehicle, while an 18-year-old male driver will have to pay $4,236 per year. Other factors that affect car insurance cost include gender. For male drivers, the cost of car insurance for a 16-year-old will be $2,812 a year, while a female will have to pay $2,924 a female will be $1934.